Rhino Level 1 Certification

This exam certifies that the tester demonstrates proficiency in the official Rhino Level 1 training:

  • User interface
  • Rhino geometry format
  • Curves
  • Selection tools
  • Coordinate input
  • Drawing aids
  • Viewports and construction planes
  • Project and object snaps
  • Analysis commands
  • Saving/import/export
  • Drawing organisation
  • Editing objects
  • Point editing
  • Surface editing
  • Solids and Booleans
  • Rhino renderer
  • Dimensions
  • Printing

Upon passing the test, you will receive a PDF Certificate immediately for download from your account.

  • Length: 100 questions.
  • Time allowed: 90 minutes.
  • Passing score: 75%
  • Retakes: Two additional retakes are allowed. (This means you will have three chances to pass the test each time you purchase the test. Even if you pass, you can retake to improve your score.)
  • Questions are taken from the Rhino Level 1 Training Guide and the Rhino Help File. Prepare for the exam by going over materials in Level 1 Training Guide and the reference commands covered in the Help file.
  • Classes are also available here.

During the exam, we recommend you to have Rhino running, Help file opened and the Rhino Level 1 training guide in your hands. Also a dual monitor setup is helpful.

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